Float Tanks and How They Help Ease Stress

In today’s world, we are surrounded constantly by noise, social media and computer, phone or tablet screens. We never seem to get a break from all the hustle and bustle and often, we become caught up in it to the detriment of our health and well-being. There are ways to combat the stress and dis-ease, but one that is being proven to really help is float tanks.

What is a Float Tank?

First off, a float tank is similar to an isolation chamber in that you are cut off for a period of time from all the noise, distractions and stressors of every day life. The only things that come into the float tank with you are the thoughts and worries you bring with you.

Being in the float tanks has been termed, “Floating” and what that means is that you are simply floating in the water. Relaxed and at-ease. This type of work has been around for over forty years and has been proven to ease stress.

The Truth About Floating

There have been quite a few studies that prove the benefits of floating. One study, done by McGill University in the 1950’s, tried to liken it to Chinese water torture on their prisoners. The study also said it promotes various psychosis and anxiety but Dr. Peter Suedfeld, a pioneering psychologist in the field [of sensory deprivation] says different,

“(The prisoners) were bombarded with overstimulation – loud group harangues, beatings and other physical tortures,” he explained. Similarly, the original studies at McGill University used constant noise and white light – that is, sensory overload ­ – rather than deprivation.”

The fact is that during an analysis in 1997 of well over 1,000 descriptions of sensory deprivation indicated that more than 90% of subjects found it deeply relaxing. Floating is now known to promote relaxation, heighten senses and pain management.

What To Expect in a Float Tank

Once you are in a float tank, you are quickly immersed in Epsom salt-saturated water that is warmed to skin temperature. You will be in total darkness and it will be quite disorienting at first but once you settle into the water and allow yourself to relax, you will find that all your worries and cares wash away during your session.

While science is slow to promote many of the benefits of a float tank, it does concede that by floating your ability to concentrate and focus are increased exponentially.

No matter what you think about the idea of using a float tank, it cannot be denied that shutting off your phone, your laptop and yourself for an hour or so at least once a week, is not a bad way to relax yourself and find your inner balance once again.

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