An Ohio Guest House Comes with a Float Tank

Guests house, large houses that families and other groups of people rent together in lieu of hotel rooms while on vacation, are increasing in popularity. They often come with a lot of amenities, including swimming pools, hot tubs, cable TV, and wi-fi. However, according to the Athens News, a guest house in Athens, Ohio is offering a float tank as a feature.

According to the article, the tank holds 11 inches of water and 900 pounds of Epsom salts to achieve perfect buoyancy. The temperature is kept at 93.5 degrees to achieve a neutral level of temperature matching that of the human body.

The guest house resides on four acres that also includes a studio where the owners offer massages and yoga lessons, a barn, a garden, a swimming pool, and a patio. The guest house contains four bedrooms, one with a king bed, two with queen beds, and one with two twin beds. Continental breakfasts and weekend morning vegetarian cooking are available.

Guests can rent sessions in the float tank, either for one person at a time or for couples at $20 more than the single rate. Sessions in the float tank can be included along with a massage session.

Float tanks have been used since the 1950s for research into how the human mind operates without outside stimulation.. More recently they have become popular for relaxation, recreation, and even as part of a course of psychological therapy. People who use float tanks can cut themselves off from all sensory input, unleashing their minds to roam free of such distractions. Many have found the experience to be transcendent.

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