Our Float Tanks

We will have 4 tanks available at our grand opening and are working on designing the space to accommodate an additional 2 more tanks for a total of 6 tanks once the word has spread. Check back soon for updates on our progress and thanks for your support.


Keeping the tank clean 


  • The water in the float tank is about 40% epsom salt. This level of salt creates an environment where no pathogenic organisms can survive.
  • To add another layer of protection, we also use hydrogen peroxide as a non-toxic disinfectant in the tanks.

These two factors ensure the sanitation of the tank but we didn’t stop there. Each tank also has it’s own ultraviolet-light filtration system as an additional layer of protection. This combination of high salt concentration, hydrogen peroxide, and added ultraviolet-light filtration make sure your tank is always sanitized and safe.


  • The water in the tank is cycled and filtered through a 10 micron filter 3 times after each float.
  • Skimmers are used to keep the surface of the water completely clear.