Sensory Deprivation Tank Therapy for ADHD and Autism

Sensory deprivation tank therapy has been known to help improve many different kinds of conditions from depression and addiction to anxiety and chronic pain. One area that floatation therapy being explored is for those suffering with autism spectrum disorders and ADHD.

Those dealing with autism spectrum disorder and ADHD struggle to handle the sensory elements that happen in daily life, from simple things like interacting with people and noises to more difficult situations like public spaces and parties. Sensory deprivation tanks offer a complete and total escape. Sensory deprivation tanks allow for the removal of all outside stimuli letting someone who suffers with Autism or ADHD to truly relax without intrusions from daily sounds and stress.

One study showed that for someone suffering with ADHD, quality of life was significantly improved through the use of a sensory deprivation tank for therapy. The study found that there was improvement in cognitive functioning and emotional maturity as a result of the flotation therapy. This study also found that this form of therapy lent itself to improving the ability to integrate and interpret sensory input by allowing the senses to relax.

Sensory deprivation tanks provide an intense form of relaxation, allowing those who suffer with sensory issues to completely let go of stress in a way that wouldn’t be possible for them in other situations. This form of restricted environmental treatment makes it easier for someone who is dealing with sensory input problems to handle them. Because floating gives a time where there senses are not being overloaded they will be better equipped to process things later.

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