Spending Time In a Sensory Deprivation Tank can Help Battle Depression

The health benefits of using a sensory deprivation tank regularly have been discussed and researched quite a lot, but most of these studies and articles seem to focus on the physical benefits such as, better sleep, relief of aching joints, quicker healing times for injuries, and relief of muscle tensions. It is not a far deductive leap to imagine then that sensory deprivation tanks also work wonders on the mental side of our lives as well. A recent study has shown that besides the above physical benefits, regular sensory deprivation tank use also is an effective way to treat depression, stress, and other anxiety related mental issues.

Stress and depression related issues are the most common reason people call in sick to work these days. In the aforementioned study, the study group that was given float sessions in sensory deprivation tanks had a significant drop in stress, depression, and anxiety as compared to their levels before the float sessions. This group also saw a large increase in optimism after their float session. The control group who did not get to partake in the float sessions saw slight rises in stress, depression, and anxiety. Granted their levels did not go up as much as the float groups levels went down, but there was still an observable upshift in those categories. Not surprisingly, the control group’s optimism levels also went down as compared to their totals at the beginning of the study.

The results of this study are very clear. Use of a sensory deprivation tank has observable benefits to a persons mental health. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of using a sensory deprivation tank.