Suffering From Insomnia? Visit a Float Tank

One out of every 3 Americans experiences insomnia or the inability to get adequate sleep. Since its creation, floatation therapy has provided intense rest equivalent to deep sleep. It’s generally thought that just one hour in a float tank is equal to the amount of rest provided by 6 to 8 hours of sleep.  Despite the evidence, some people have avoided float tanks out of fear and misunderstanding. Here are 3 common misconceptions about floatation therapy and sleep.

If you fall asleep in a float tank, you will drown. 

Most people do not sleep on their back. This causes many people to make the assumption that if they fall asleep in a float tank they will inevitably roll over in the water and drown. In reality, a float tank is filled with 800 lbs. of water and Epsom salt. The buoyancy and density created by the Epsom salt make the possibility of rolling over almost nonexistent. In the unlikely event that you do roll over, the shock of getting salt water in your mouth and the stinging in your eyes would be more than enough to wake you up before there is any chance of you drowning.

Floatation Therapy Reduces the Need for Sleep

The immense relaxation provided by a float tank leaves floaters feeling incredibly energized. Many people need several hours to calm down before sleeping. Since, some have heard that an hour of floating can equal up to 8 hours of sleep they assume that they will actually need less sleep to function normally. In fact, floating encourages regular sleeping patterns. It is often used to treat insomnia because floating facilitates deeper sleep for several days following each therapy session.

Float Therapy Will Not Help with Sleep Disorders

Floatation therapy is perfect for helping those suffering from insomnia and other sleeping disorders. It promotes stress relief by clearing your mind, releasing endorphins, and boosting your overall mood. In addition, floating decreases your blood pressure and heart rate. After each float session you will emerged renewed and capable of experiencing deeper, more relaxing, and more normal sleep patterns.

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