What Is Floating

Floating provides a rare place and opportunity to disconnect from the external inputs of the world while our mind is still fully awake and aware.

In a world that is constantly increasing in pace, from the moment we wake up, we begin to get bombarded with inputs. We can get hit with so much information, just to stay efficient, we have to become artist at deciding what to numb and what to let in. What’s important and what’s just stuff. Often, the world can be moving so fast that we can feel the need to run ourselves as close as we can to it’s fast pace, or we’ll be left behind. Trying to stay caught up with the fast moving parts can take it’s toll on our mental and physical health.

Experiencing a float gives us an opportunity to exist for a moment with virtually no external inputs. When those external inputs are removed, we no longer need to numb anything and the body starts expanding. All thats left to go with us into the float is what we bring with us. Each experience is unique to each person and often, what we learn from a float can be very powerful and influential information that’s hard to get anywhere else.